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Lucy finished the 3rd drawing for the intro. Here is the girl you hit with the car:


And a little info for our German speaking fans:

the game will definitely be released in English and in German at the same time.

Deutsche Rollenspielfans, keine Sorge, Corven erscheint auch in Deutsch! Kommentare und Fragen in deutsch werden hier auch gelesen. Es gibt auch einen deutschen Forumsabschnitt.

Übrigens ist unser großes Vorbild Ultima VII, nicht Ultima IX 🙂

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  • Ian Eborn

    I like the new image! ^_^

    Will the intro–and other cutscenes, for that matter–be in this pencil-drawn style?

    As to the drawing itself, are those strands of hair hanging before her right eye, or cuts or cracks…?

    • Corv

      Intro and everything in the “real world” will be pencil drawn.

      All other cutscenes will be in-engine, but I’ll try to keep them at a minimum because I believe that they take you out of the experience.

      It’s hair. It’s her face when she sees the car coming.

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