intro1You drive home from a small party at your friend’s house. Usually you don’t drink much, but this time you had a few too many. Tired and dizzy you have a hard time concentrating on the road when suddenly a young woman steps in front of your car. You brake but it’s too late, she gets thrown on the street and when you check on her she is not responsive.

The doctors can save her life, but she is in a coma. Almost every day you visit her. The guilt you feel is building up from day to day and you fall deeper and deeper into a depression.

One dark, rainy evening when you walk home from the hospital you notice a crow flying close by you and when you arrive at your front yard the crow is there again. It is standing on the wet lawn, looking at you. It starts to peck the ground, faster and faster when suddenly … lighting comes down striking the ground right where the crow was. Some sort of big glowing “rift” appears where the lighting struck the ground. It glows purple and blue. For some reason you feel drawn to it and slowly walk towards it. You touch it with your right hand. It disappears in it, but it does not hurt. Without knowing why yourself, you step into the rift completely.

On the other side you see a beautiful landscape. You do not recognize it. It’s not raining, in fact the sun is shining and you feel a warm breeze. Everything seems to be just a bit more colorful than it “should” be. Where are you? Just a few yards down the small hill you are on you see a small hut and an old man sitting on a bench in front of it. Maybe he knows what’s going on?

Your adventure begins.


Can you figure out why you are in this strange land? Does it have anything to do with your depression? Does this strange land maybe even hold the key for you to redeem yourself?