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I wanted to create the prototype with as few people as possible to avoid any complications that come from managing a team. Now that we go into full production mode our team grows as planned. I am happy to announce our 2 newest members:

  • Patrig “Sicabol” Droumaguet will compose music for us. He is hard at work already and as soon as there are results I will post them for you.
  • Dan Hickel has gathered quite some experience with the Unreal Engine and will be helping with quest implementation and with testing

I am very very happy about our 2 new guys!

Over the next few months you will first get a few landscape updates and then game feature updates. First features will be the quest system, dialogue system and inventory system. Stay tuned!

Ultima fans might remember the early Ultima 9 screenshots, back when U9 was still planned as an ISO game. I recreated a scene from one of those shots (minus the Avatar and the pigs). Maybe you enjoy it:


Original early U9 screenshot:

















recreation in Corven:

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  • Diego Anguita

    pleaseeeeeeeeeee … just what I need .. im looking forward to this. Keep it up!

    • Corv

      I am happy you are looking forward to it! We are working on it every day. News will take a bit because we want them to be bigger this time. Thanks for your support!

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