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It’s been a while since I posted, but let me assure you, we are working on the game constantly.

We thought about posting updates often, but they would just distract from the work that needs to be done right now which is to create a working demo that at the same time is the beginning of the actual game. The demo won’t just be a separate “proof of concept”. This way we are working towards the bigger goal with minimal time spent on things that do not benefit the end product directly. This also means that we are working on all aspects of the game at the moment, not just the combat or the world or the storyline etc., which is, as you can imagine, quite a challenge for our small team.

Beside the demo we are also preparing the crowdfunding campaign. Here are some thoughts on it:

We are a completely new indie studio and this is our first project, so we cannot assume that people will trust us blindly. The demo should help with that, but I think it is important to not only plan for the optimal outcome of the crowdfunding campaign, but also for the minimal outcome. So I needed to figure out how much money we need for the minimal version of the game and the optimal version of the game. Minimal does not mean that the game will be cut short. Either way the full storyline will be in this game. It’s all about features outside of the main storyline which require more art assets, more time and/or manpower etc. I am talking about side quests, additional features which are not required for the main storyline, like the depth of crafting and so on. On top of that money also determines how much unique art can be created and how many assets that were not specifically made for this project have to be used.

The focus of the game always was and always will be the storyline and the quests with adventure-game-like puzzles.

We are aiming to start the campaign in fall. Please understand that until then updates will continue to be minimal. We promise we have lots of information for you once the campaign begins.

We cannot wait for you to play our demo and we want to thank everyone for the interest and support!

The whole team wishes you a happy easter!!


Oh and here a little screenshot of a path through a forest up a mountain:



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  • DestinedToDie

    Just don’t shoot too high. I know a game company who tried to get 100 000 out of crowdfunding, but only got 8k. They not only had too high hopes for the wallets of their supporters, but also only planned to make the most complicated game and never had the idea of bare bones. I guess the best way is to shoot low, and if you get more than the worst expectation, then that’s just bonus.

    • Corv

      Exactly. Most likely our goal will be around 30.000. Less is simply not possible.

  • Thaumaturge

    Ah, it occurred to me not long ago that I hadn’t seen an update regarding Corven in a while, I believe.

    First of all, let me note that this is, I think, what I had in mind when I suggested more depth to these updates: more of your thoughts and feelings on the development of the game, in addition to simply informing us as to what has been done. Thank you for that! ^_^

    As to crowdfunding, I don’t speak with any real authority on the matter, but asking for minimal funding and including additional elements as stretch goals seems like a good idea, offhand. (That said, be careful of feature-creep when adding stretch goals! The more you add, the more time is likely to be called for in adding those things.)

    I might also suggest being explicit as to how you intend to use the money, both the minimal amount and what you might gain beyond that: transparency can help to instill confidence in potential backers, I believe.

    One way or another, good luck with the crowdfunding campaign! I hope that it goes well. ^_^

    • Thaumaturge

      PS: Happy Easter to the Corven team, too! ^_^

    • Corv

      Thank you very much for the feedback! I’ll keep it in mind

  • Xelasarg

    Hey, thanks for the update! Glad to hear you’re being active. You know, I wouldn’t mind reading more snippets, just to stay connected to the project.😊

    Regarding crowdfunding: I’d really love to see this game being funded, and I believe a working demo, if it’s well done, will really help. Without the Ultima background of the hobby project U9 Redemption, you’re less likely to draw attention, or worse, may be recognized as “just another 3d rpg”. 30.000 is an ambitious goal, and I fully agree with Thaumaturge on how to tackle this.

    I wish you all the best of luck, and keep us posted! Don’t want to miss the campaign.😉

    • Corv

      Thanks for the feedback. Don’t worry, if you follow the site, the twitter or the facebook account you won’t miss it. I think 30.000 is a very low goal for a project like this and basically just covers us working on it and buying 3rd party work. I spent already several 1000 on the project. This goal is not set in stone yet by the way. It might be a little higher come fall.

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